Day 31: Memphis to Cairo to Home Sweet Home

Our last day of traveling took us north through Tennessee, a little bit of Kentucky and into Illinois. This picture was taken at a vantage point of the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio rivers in Wickliffe, KY, at the former site of Fort Jefferson and where a large cross has now been erected. confluence

Cairo, IL, is at the southern most tip of Illinois on the Ohio River. From the look of things, this street must have been flooded a time or two—the river is just to the right. The town’s commerce is now situated a couple blocks west.
main street cairo
main street 2

It was 2 pm in Marion, IL, and we were anxious to get home. The interstate was there so we took it for the final 3 hours to Champaign.

The last fill-up of this journey at our neighborhood gas station.
gas fill

Some final thoughts and stats:
• We had a fascinating trip—got to see some new places and saw some wildlife we had never seen before.
• This country is diverse and each state has its own beauty, subtle or not.
• One thing we know for sure…we will not be driving the Alfa to the South or Southwest in the summer ever again.
• Take the time to get off the interstate to really see the country.
• 7706 miles in 31 days, and thankfully no car repairs needed (except an oil change).
• Getting older by traveling east is not as much fun as getting younger by traveling west
• Karl’s mom gets the award for commenting the most times on the blog
• Gas stats: 242.51 total gallons used, averaged 32.8 mpg, $2.88 average price per gallon
• It’s good to be home too (until the next road trip).

Thanks for tuning in!


2 thoughts on “Day 31: Memphis to Cairo to Home Sweet Home

  1. I know my last comments was slow in coming but things got a little busy here……….I enjoyed your trip & look forward to your Alaska sojourn…….can’t I fit in the trunk? I’ll look for my award in the mail……..thank you for a month of fun & education………Love you…….Mom

  2. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed your road trip. I followed you two every day and loved the pictures and commentaries.

    Your Mom’s Doxie Friend, Linda

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