Day 28: Escaping the Heat

Today we left the heat behind and headed for higher altitudes. Instead of picking up Route 66 as planned, we decided to try a less traveled route through the interiors of Arizona and New Mexico. We ran into a rain shower but left the top down. You don’t get wet traveling at a speed of over 45 mph, and the coolness of the damp air felt good after baking in Phoenix. We passed through Payson, AZ, and came upon this relic of the recent past.

The quote of the day comes from a man in Springerville, AZ, asking to take a picture of the Alfa for his son: (speaking to Jean) “I’m going to tell my son that if he gets a car like this, he can get a girl like you.”

New Mexican solitude…

Our route passed through the El Malpais (Spanish for the badlands) National Monument in New Mexico. An ancient volcanic area, sandstone bluffs flank the lava flows on the east. We hit it at just the right time of day as the sun lit up the sandstone formations.
malpais lit
malpais lit 2
lit 3

La Ventana Arch is the largest stone arch formation in the state of New Mexico.

Exposed lava bed.
lava field

Our stopover for the night was Albuquerque.


2 thoughts on “Day 28: Escaping the Heat

  1. Where’s a picture of the man for that famous quote? Long ago, Karl, I told you that Jean was a Pearl & she still is……..see how blessed you are…….Love………Mom

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