Day 24-27: At the Sanctuary

Sara, Chris, Kristen, and Roger joined us at the Sanctuary for a long weekend. We enjoyed being with them. These are some pics from the weekend.
Kristen Laugh
mexican restaurant
K & R
S & C
K & R2
pool shot

New hairdos for Sara and Kristen.

On Saturday night we had a celebratory birthday dinner for Chris (belated July 7) and Kristen (coming up on August 9).
bday dinner

Here’s a shot of the whole camel of Camelback Mountain where the Sanctuary is located.
camelback mt

Karl signed up for the tennis clinic each day and had lessons with Horst, a former pro, who ran him silly around the court for about an hour and a half in the morning. The last two days, Horst and Karl played 36 points at the end of each session. Karl managed to win three points only because Horst let him.
K & Horst


One thought on “Day 24-27: At the Sanctuary

  1. The new hairdos really change Sara & Kristens looks………I had to do a double take. Glad to see Roger…….Hi there…….the pictures are great & we enjoy them so much…….Love Grammy & PopPop

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