Day 22: The heat’s on……

This day was not that interesting. We drove over 400 miles from LA to Phoenix across the hot, hot deserts of California and Arizona.
desert landscape

The Alfa is not the car to be driving across the desert. The top was up and the AC was alternately on and off depending on how hot the engine was getting at any one point. It was pretty much like a hot air furnace when the AC was off. We were glad to get to the Sanctuary. The resort is at the base of Camelback Mountain in Paradise Valley. Here’s the camel’s head…
camel nose

And the hump…
camel hump

We are staying in the casita in the foreground. Maybe we can find a spot to get the whole mountain in one shot. As you can imagine, not too many crazy people vacation in Phoenix in the summer, so the resort is fairly empty. Last night, it was about 100 degrees at 8:30 pm, the moon was out, the sun was going down, a very nice breeze was blowing, and we had the entire infinity pool to ourselves. We are looking forward to seeing the kids tomorrow when they join us here for the weekend.

We’ll be taking a break from this blog until after Monday, August 3rd when we leave here to head home.


2 thoughts on “Day 22: The heat’s on……

  1. At least you have dry heat……we’ve had 90 degree heat & 90+ humidity for the past week. I don’t want to see our electric bill this month. Enjoy your reprieve with the kids (?) Love to all…….Mom

  2. Your trip across the desert reminds me of the time we were in Death Valley in August and I had to run my heater to help keep the engine cool!

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